Last Boat to the San Juan Islands

It is one of those nights when the commute between Seattle and my so-called home in the San Juan Islands feels more like punishment than reward. Long day, long drive, long boat ride. I’m working…


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GridDuck measures and automates hundreds of appliances in businesses, including in offices.

Tracking your electricity costs

Do you know how much you are spending on energy? Do you know what you are spending it on, and when?

GridDuck can track your electricity consumption in real time, for your whole building, or for individual appliances. We can also take in external data feeds to our dashboard, for example from your gas or water measurements.

Example: You can compare two offices below. One has all their equipment (lights, air con, kitchen, computing) switched on 24/7, while the other adjusts their energy spend to their opening hours.

You can download your data and compare it to your energy bill and business activity.

Savings opportunities in offices

In many offices computers and servers (ICT) consume over one third of total electricity. Heating and cooling together account for 20%, Lighting for 16%.

Save costs automatically, every day

Computing: Are you switching off unused computers overnight and at the weekend? Is it critical for them to be on?

Heating and cooling: Are you heating or cooling your office only during working hours?

Lights: How do you manage your lights? Are they on when the sun shines outside? Do you leave them on at night?

Example: heating at the GridDuck office

We have put our office electric heater on a simple time routine, from 5am (early risers) to 6pm.

See the GridDuck office working in real time

See electricity demand and consumption in real time, understand how you can generate automation rules, create groups and set permissions.

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