How do we become future proof?

Studying on a masters course, a program which is designed to propel us into the next phase of life, equips us with skills and knowledge that arguably make us future proof. Should we be learning a set…


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Australian Traveller launches US magazine for Tourism Australia

Australia will include stories on the country’s capital cities and key sites, like Kakadu, as well a guides to all of the cities and a map at the back of the magazine. The first edition explores The Great Barrier Reef, The Kimberley and a feature on how to understand the Australian Outback. Currently, there are plans to make the magazine a bi-annual product.

At the same time, Tourism Australia has launched a broader content hub. Australian Traveller and Tourism Australia have engaged 18 advertisers for the magazine, including United Airlines, One and Only Wolgan Valley, Park Hyatt Sydney and Tourism Gold Coast.

Jane Whitehead, regional general manager Americas, Tourism Australia, said she was pleased to produce the “compelling” and “authentic” magazine.

“We’re proud to launch the first official Australia magazine, a showcase of incredible Australian experiences spanning unique accommodations, urban culture to wilderness adventures and more,” Whitehead said.

“In collaborating with Australian Traveller, we set out to tell quintessentially Aussie travel stories, while highlighting some of the finest hospitality product, in a way that compels travellers to book memorable vacations. We worked with Australian Traveller’s managing director Quentin Long to commission the best, most passionate team of writers to share their perspectives on a diverse array of destinations Down Under.”

“Through targeted distribution of the magazine in airline lounges across the US, as well as promotions to encourage consumers and trade to order the magazine for complimentary mailing or digital download, we’re excited to see Australia inspire many unforgettable trips.”

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